Redemption 317 OPEN BETA

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Redemption 317 OPEN BETA

Post by Deadlock on Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:47 am

Hello and welcome everyone to the launch of Redemption 317

We are currently in an OPEN BETA phase in our development. Redemption 317 has been months in the making and now we are ready and hosted with a dedicated VPS. We not only listen to suggestions, but encourage them. We will be in open beta for the first month. After a month from today we will launch to the public. ALL CHARACTER FILES DURING THIS WILL REMAIN THE SAME. So no one needs to worry about losing their saves.

The Redemption Team during this first month will release massive updates every single week for a month and onwards. We hope to see you in-game and we hope you enjoy your stay at Redemption.


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